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July 29, 2014





NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF STEPHENS Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained with that certain Security Deed dated June 3, 2013, from Kathryn D. Adams a/k/a Kathy Deal Adams to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Bank Of America, N.A., recorded on June 27, 2013 in Deed Book 1016 at Page 427, Stephens County, Georgia Records, having been last sold, assigned, transferred and conveyed to Bank Of America, N.A. by Assignment and said Security Deed having been given to secure a note dated June 3, 2013, in the amount of $67,921.00, said note being in default, the undersigned will sell at public outcry during the legal hours of sale before the door of the courthouse of Stephens County, Georgia, on August 5, 2014, the following described real property (hereinafter referred to as the "Property"): LAND REFERRED TO IN THIS COMMITMENT IS DESCRIBED AS ALL THAT CERTAIN PROPERTY SITUATED IN CITY OF TOCCOA IN THE COUNTY OF STEPHENS, AND STATE OF GEORGIA AND BEING DESCRIBED IN A DEED DATED 01/30/1 997 AND RECORDED 01/31/1997 IN BOOK 363 PAGE 183 AMONG THE LAND RECORDS OF THE COUNTY AND STATE SET FORTH ABOVE, AND REFERENCED AS FOLLOWS: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND SITUATE, LYING AND BEING IN THE TOCCOA (440) G.M.D. , CITY OF TOCCOA, STEPHENS COUNTY, GEORGIA, LYING ON THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY OF JULIA LANE, BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED AS LOT 273, MEADOWBROOK SUBDIVISION, ON A PLAT OF SURVEY BY PATTON-PLESS and ASSOCIATES, REGISTERED SURVEYORS, DATED MARY 1972, RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 6, PAGE 207, STEPHENS COUNTY RECORDS, THE DESCRIPTION AS CONTAINED THEREIN BEING INCORPORATED HEREIN BY REFERENCE AND BEING MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: BEGINNING AT AN IRON PIN CORNER LOCATED ON THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY OF JULIA LANE ADJACENT TO LOT 274 ON THE PLAT ABOVE DESCRIBED; THENCE RUNNING FROM THE BEGINNING IRON PIN CORNER ALONG LOT 274 NORTH 72 DEGREES 01 MINUTE EAST 151 FEET TO AN ION PIN CORNER ADJACENT TO NOW OR FORMERLY MARTIN REALTY COMPANY PROPERTY; THENCE RUNNING ALONG MARTIN REALTY COMPANY PROPERTY SOUTH 17 DEGREES 59 MINUTES EAST 100 FEET TO AN IRON PIN CORNER ADJACENT TO LOT 272 ON THE PLAT ABOVE DESCRIBED; THENCE RUNNING ALONG LOT 272 SOUTH 72 DEGREES 01 MINUTE WEST 151 FEET TO AN IRON PIN CORNER LOCATED ON THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY OF JULIA LANE; THENCE RUNNING ALONG THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY OF JULIA LANE NORTH 17 DEGREES 59 MINUTES WEST 100 FEET OT THE BEGINNING IRON PIN CORNER. The debt secured by the Security Deed and evidenced by the Note and has been, and is hereby, declared due and payable because of, among other possible events of default, failure to make the payments as required by the terms of the Note. The debt remaining is in default and this sale will be made for the purposes of paying the Security Deed, accrued interest, and all expenses of the sale, including attorneys' fees. Notice of intention to collect attorneys' fees has been given as provided by law. To the best of the undersigned's knowledge, the person(s) in possession of the property is/are Kathryn D. Adams a/k/a Kathy Deal Adams. The property, being commonly known as 265 Julia Lane, Toccoa, GA 30577 in Stephens County, will be sold as the property of Kathryn D. Adams a/k/a Kathy Deal Adams, subject to any outstanding ad valorem taxes (including taxes which are a lien and not yet due and payable), any matters affecting title to the property which would be disclosed by accurate survey and inspection thereof, and all assessments, liens, encumbrances, restrictions, covenants, and matters of record to the Security Deed. Pursuant to O.C.G.A.Section 44-14-162.2, the name, address and telephone number of the individual or entity who shall have the full authority to negotiate, amend or modify all terms of the above described mortgage is as follows: Bank of America, N.A., 9000 Southside Boulevard, Building 400, Jacksonville, FL 32256, 1-877-744-7691 . The foregoing notwithstanding, nothing in O.C.G.A. Section 44-14-162.2 shall require the secured creditor to negotiate, amend or modify the terms of the mortgage instrument. The sale will be conducted subject (1) to confirmation that the sale is not prohibited under U.S. Bankruptcy code and (2) to final confirmation and audit of the status of the loan with the holder of the Security Deed. Albertelli Law Attorney for Bank Of America, N.A. as Attorney in Fact for Kathryn D. Adams a/k/a Kathy Deal Adams 100 Galleria Parkway, Suite 960 Atlanta, GA 30339 Phone: (866) 690-0418 By: James E. Albertelli, Esq. For the Firm THIS FIRM IS ACTING AS A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. JEA - 14-139661 A-4465765 06/26/2014, 07/03/2014, 07/10/2014, 07/17/2014, 07/24/2014, 07/31/2014 GPN11 TR90999
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