Toccoa's own Eric Perry goes 2-0 in pro boxing career

  • Eric Perry: Janet Hutchinson Wohler for one one six boxing promotions
    Eric Perry: Janet Hutchinson Wohler for one one six boxing promotions

Toccoa native Eric Perry is on a roll with his professional boxing career. 

The Toccoa-made boxer finished his second fight and won by a first round 2:03 knockout Dec. 12 in Pell City Ala., to extend his pro record to 2-0. 

Although he has experienced the rush of winning his first two fights, Perry said he’s not going to dwell on his second win.

“After the fight I felt good. I kind of have put the thought behind me,” Perry said. “I was excited. I celebrated with my family went out to eat with my family.  We went out and got some of that Bojangles. I just got to put it behind me on to the next one now. You do not want to dwell on it too much because I am trying to chase a title I am chasing a title fight,” Perry said.

Even though Perry has put his second pro victory fight behind him, it’s still something he will never forget and will cherish forever. 

The fight was special to him because much of his family was able to see him in the ring.

His brothers, Clay Perry and Jermaine Casey, who both serve in the Navy were in attendance at the Pell City fight.

That was special to Perry because he usually does not see both of his brother’s at the same time. Eric said that it’s probably been 10 years since the three of them have been together.

“This time it was a lot more motivating for me because this time I had my wife and children there,” Eric said. “I had my family there. They were cheering for me of course you do not want to get embarrass in front of your family so you got to go out there and get straight to the point,” he said.

Eric said it was “very encouraging” to have his family there and hear them out of the crowd. 

He said he was even listening to advice that his family was barking to him.

“They got a kick out of it,” Eric said. “I could hear my 4-year-old nephew in the crowd. He said hit him in the belly. That is what I heard him say. When he said hit him in the belly. I hit him in the stomach twice,” Eric said.

After the fight, Eric had the opportunity to rub shoulders with one of boxing’s most famous boxers. He  got to meet retired heavyweight champion Roy Jones who recently fought Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight. Eric said that was a cool moment for him because he grew up watching him fight. 

Jones was not able to see Eric’s fight, but Jones and people that work with him saw clips from his fight and were impressed.

“Roy Jones saw the clip from the fight and he was like, ‘man you look good,’” Eric said. “To hear someone from that level to say that you look good with me being 5-10, 285 pounds and to hear them say we would not expect a big guy like you to be moving that fast. It was refreshing and very motivating as well.”

Now Eric is looking for his next fight. He said he is trying to set up a fight in February, but final details have not been decided. 

Eric also wants to give back to the community. The Toccoa native said he wants to offer boxing camps to the Boys & Girls Club in Toccoa.

“One thing I want people to understand is that these small town boys they are serious,” Eric said. “Don’t think because it’s a small town we some old country bumpkins, nah it don’t work that way,” he said.